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Herpes before and after
Valtrex in Australia with its active component valacyclovir is used as an anti-viral medication. It is usually prescribed for people suffering from herpes virus. It helps the human immunity to fight against the virus and prevents from its spread. It works for genital herpes, herpes zoster and cold sores. It can be used both by adults and children. Though, there are some age restrictions: cold sores therapy with Valtrex is allowed if a patient is aged 12 and more. In case with chickenpox the pills can be taken starting form 2 years old.

It is important to understand that the tabs do not release from herpes and do not protect other people contacting with a patient from being infected. It just treats symptoms and lessens the uncomfortable conditions.

Direction and storage

There are different tabs Valtrex 500mg and Valtrex 1000mg. Which one should be chosen? It is the question to a physician! Taking into account all the particular conditions a doctor may adjust the dose or just refuses this kind of cure.

If nothing prevents from treatment with Valtrex, the tabs should be administered immediately after the first symptoms are observed such as:

  • a patient can feel tingling and burning;
  • a patient notices that blisters appearing.
The efficiency of this medicine depends on fast reaction. When it is prescribed, one must follow the specified directions. It is not good to change amounts of pills or period of intake. The tabs can be administered with or without food and with a lot of water. Besides, a lot of water should be drunk during all the treatment period providing the proper work of kidneys.

Valtrex is marketed in solid tablet form and can be stored at room temperature. It is important to keep it away from moisture and heat.

Dosage, missed dose and overdose

The doctor must diagnose the kind of herpes infection and develop a correspondent treatment scheme. It is very important to take a pill every day as far as skipping can lead to the situation when the herpes virus becomes resistant to this medicine. The doctor usually prescribes a dosage of 2 g that should be taken once within 12 hours. So two tabs should be administered a day and that makes 4 g. In case with genital herpes, 1 g is taken by mouth within 12 hours and the treatment period lasts ten days max. Remember that a patient gets benefit if he starts as soon as possible. For recurrent herpes it is enough to take 500 mg by mouth two times per a day during 3 days.

The missed dose should be taken as soon as possible unless it is high time for the next scheduled administration. In this case he should skip the missed dose. Do not increase the dose only because you missed one. Overdose can cause serious problems with health that is why it is highly recommended to turn to a physician for consultation and medical help if there is a need in it.


The lactating mothers should not take this remedy because Valacyclovir passes into milk and can be harmful for a baby. Though in general a child is allowed to take Valtrex beginning from the particular age, still there is a need in medical advice before offering Valtrex to a child. Besides, generic Valtrex is marketed as well as original brand one and is of the same high quality.


The doctor should know if one has HIV or AIDS, any problems with kidneys including a kidney transplant. The point is that this medicine can affect the kidneys especially when it is taken together with other remedies harming the kidneys.

Possible side effect

Buying Valtrex online without prescription one should remember all side effects existing. The allergy reaction is possible causing confusion and aggression. The problems with speech and convulsions can be observed. If the kidneys are weak, there can be little or no urination, the process can hurt. The patient can feel tired or short of breath suffering from ever, bloody diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, rash and headache. Besides, easy bruising, red pots on skin or bleeding can be noticed as far as the tabs can harm red blood cells. Valtrex must be stopped taken if there are any side effects.
Do not refuse treating herpes infection, buy Valtrex online in order to help your body to suppress it and be healthy.

Reviewed: Dr. Graham Neilsen

Updated: 27 Feb 2021

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