Preventing Male Impotence

ED problem is the hottest topic even in the era of globalization. The sex satisfaction matters a good deal and none technologies and entertainments are able to replace it. So, when you face erectile dysfunction, the quality of your life declines. You start feeling depressed and unhappy, become reserved and refuse the communication with women.

But it is vain for you to worry! There are a lot of solutions to ills. But first of all you are expected to get medically examined in order to find out the reason of sexual disorder that can be thinly veiled threat to your health in general. There is a range of diseases causing the inability to get erection like endocrine, neurological diseases, cardiac-related conditions, diabetics. If none of the health conditions is a reason, review your life habits and while doing so, restore your sexual life by taking such efficient drugs as Viagra generic and Cialis 10mg. There are a lot of proven and really helpful ED medications. Combine them with the following recommendations and be happy!

Role of Health Condition in Sexual Health

Once again, we would like to discuss the wellness. Start with the very beginning – the way you live. It is so important to refuse all that can ruin your health both mental and physical. What does physical wellbeing include? First of all you should exclude the above mentioned disorders, the list of which we can make more detailed: heart disease, hypertension, obesity, high blood sugar level, anxiety and depressed mood. When you know your weak points, it is not difficult to keep those conditions under control if they are not serious, of course, following the instruction the physicians give you. But even if you are healthy, do not carry to extremes and take care of yourself looking after your everyday habits, the food you eat, the kind of relaxation you prefer and other things.

Here aging matters also. The elderly men are able to adapt to slower reaction compared to those they had when they were young. The best way to get it in the right mindset is to talk with a partner, setting aside enough time for being together and discussing your desires. That will certainly help to experience emotionally and as a result physically. And of course the ED drugs will be of great help.

Alcohol: Be or Not to Be

It is proven that alcohol can kill the erection. We are speaking about its excessive consumption. Listen to the classic authors who tell that spirits provokes the desire, but takes away the performance. The point is that alcohol acts like depressant for your nervous system blocking the connection between body and brain. In addition it damages the blood vessels and causes hypertension, which contributes to sexual disorders.

Effect of Nicotine

The experts say that smoking impacts erection negatively, because it impacts the body's blood supply which is needed for penis to act in the right way. Sooner or later it results in atherosclerosis, when in the arteries plaques develop narrowing them and preventing a free flow of the blood. So, again a penis is not able to expand when a man is aroused. And even more, cigarettes consist of various chemical components including free radicals, which are able to reduce development of nitric oxide regulating erections in men, and in the long run it leads to erectile dysfunction.

Drugs are Forbidden

It goes without saying that any narcotic drugs including the light ones are not allowed if you want to succeed in sex. Perhaps, you will get a single shot but in the long run this dependence will become a disaster and you will not only have to turn to the specialists to get rid of it but it interferes in the processes providing erection. Taking soft recreational drug a man gets an altered state of consciousness, which he can enjoy because it changes his ability to feel making the emotions brighter. Please, mind that this effect can be a result of misuse of even prescription drugs and not only the addiction. Some of such agents can decrease the desire and the other ones just prevent a man to satisfy it. So, do not press your luck and forget about those things.

Keep Calm and Enjoy Sex

You do have to believe that most deviations connecting with your health directly relate to your attitude to the surroundings including mutual understanding with people at home and at work, relatives and friends. When you live in perfect harmony, you are not anxious.

The erection involves the vital systems of human activity. The stress can change the way the brain signals achieve the body. That is why when a man gets nervous about job or financial problems, relationships conflicts, fear of illness or aging, he ruins his ability to get and keep erection. Long-term stress usually results in increasing of level of particular hormones and that interferes with a lot of important processes in the body.

So, try to refuse any negative thoughts as to your life and as to sex at first hand. Keep calm and if you have already found yourself in an awkward situation and are not able to get erection, confide this issue to ED drugs. There are so many helpful solutions including the popular Viagra and Cialis with its long duration.

Simple Life

Now healthy living is the latest craze. It will be easier for you to change your views if you have not yet hold a brief for it as far as you can find a lot of like-minded persons. Otherwise, it requires certain effort and willpower to refuse poor behaviors. Reconsider your nutrient budget in favor of vegetables, fruits and milk products. Refuse fatty and chemically preserved meal. Spend more time in the open air and do not forget about physical activity.

Sporting Achievements Do Matter

The physical activity is a part of a healthy lifestyle. Probable it is not the panacea, but in combination with other factors it guarantees the feeling of well-being, fresh look, perfect physical fitness and no failures with sex if there are no other serious reasons. In addition it is a chance to get rid of difficulties in having erection if you go for sport. The experts insist that a man can benefit from physical activity within a lot of aspects. In particular, some of the exercises are able to improve the quality of sex and not only to provide erection.

Author: Dr. Graham Neilsen
Updated: 29 Jul 2019