Erectile Dysfunction - Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Insights in Erectile Dysfunction

You are lucky if you do not know what erectile dysfunction is. A lot of men at different age all over the world have difficulties with getting and maintaining erection. That condition can be caused by a range of factors which we are going to discuss in this article and offer the ways to treat this disorder or in the least to find the temporary solution. By the way the erectile dysfunction is abbreviated ED.

What does erectile dysfunction mean?

Erectile dysfunction is a definition of the health condition in male characterized by inability to sustain an erection. The point is not only in getting a penis erected but also in continuing so long as it is needed for sexual intercourse. If a man is failing during half a year, then it’s time to speak about impotence. Though, the term erectile dysfunction covers much more ground including also a premature ejaculation, lack of sexual desire, too short sexual transaction, pain in penis during having sex.

There is a lot of information about ED and almost everybody knows that the mechanism is rooted in the blood flow, which is necessary for penis to expand. Penile erection is possible due to complex neurovascular process where nervous system and blood vessels are involved. It can occur after tactile sensations, olfactory event-related potentials, hearing and watching. The erotic or emotional stimuli are often needed but sometimes they are not a must. The received information is worked out by nerves and produces neural signals which are sent to penile smooth muscles. The fail can happen because of physical or a psychological factor. Fortunately, there are many ways to solve erection problems.

The different types of erectile dysfunction

The physicians consider several kinds of impotence:

  • Primary. This condition happens before successful experience, in other words a man does not know what erection is because of a physical abnormality, like a kind of deviation in the penis. This disorder is usually treated surgically.
  • Secondary. The patients are used to have erection in the past but currently have difficulties with it.
  • Situational. In this case a man is able to get erection but only under the particular circumstances. The reason is often psychological.
  • Partial. When a man gets a very short erection insufficient for penetration.
  • Total. That is impotence observed for a long period of time and without any signs of erection in any case.
What leads to an erectile dysfunction?

There are some diseases, which can provoke problems with erection. Neurologic conditions really increase the risk for sexual disorders. They influence the brain’s ability to connect with the reproductive system and can prevent an erection. So, if you face the problem, ensure that you do not have brain or spinal tumors, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy. The endocrine system is involved in work of reproduction organs. The hormones produced by it regulate sexual function, mood, and other processes. That is why diabetes being an endocrine disease is almost always leads to impotence because it prevents from normal utilization of the hormone insulin. In addition the chronic diabetes can be a reason of nerve damage decreasing penis sensations. Cardio related conditions connected with ability of the heart to pump blood in a proper way also can result in erectile dysfunction. Here we can mention atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, and hypertension. When a man administers a range of medications, he can experience sexual disorder.

Psychological causes of impotence

The most health conditions are related to our ability to keep balance and live without stress. When a man is depressed feeling anxious or tired, he increases the risks for impotence. Moreover if he fails to achieve erection and start being nervous about it he makes the things worse. The more anxious he gets about potency, the less able he is to achieve erection. The environment does matter. We are speaking now about right place and right moment. The partner can confuse and thus become a reason for such awkward situation. In such cases, a man is highly recommended to discuss the problem relieving worries and easing feelings of tension. Otherwise it is better to try to change the partner.

Sometimes the general issues can be taken to heart and cause stress that is without doubt will have an adverse effect. The brain concentrating on the problems just cannot focus on sexual intercourse. Besides during the stress time hormone behavior is changed. Cortisol produced extensively, when a person is stressed, can lead to sexual problems, while the level of testosterone needed for erection on the contrary decreases. And of course, the unhealthy lifestyle will lead to the problem including abuse of narcotic drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Any way the first thing to do is to visit a doctor for medical examination and consultation.

What are the solutions if this is the case?

Keep calm and continue you sexual life under any circumstances! Take ED drugs which temporary solves the problem. They do not cure the reason which must be considered with a physician but they provide with sexual intercourse of high quality.
Everybody knows about Viagra – magic blue pills. And most of men have heard of Cialis – its effect lasts for about 36 hours. There are also Kamagra oral jelly and other treatments, which will make you happy again.

5 things you can do to prevent erectile dysfunction

Avoid the complications with your potency and try to follow our recommendations:

  1. Control anxiety.
  2. Engage in sports activities.
  3. Refuse fatty and junk food.
  4. Do not consume too much alcohol.
  5. Forget about smoking and other poor habits.

Reviewed: Dr. Graham Neilsen
27 Feb 2021