Cialis vs Viagra - what to choose?

Such a wide range of treatments for erectile dysfunction marketed in different pharmacies may mess up and make your choice difficult. Patients usually choose the tabs taking into account the price of medication as far as they do not want to spend more than they could having the same result with other remedy. So trying to find the optimum alternative one just wastes time and copes with his problem without any help. In this article we are going to discuss the properties of one of the most popular and effective ED medication known as “weekend pills”. It is Cialis. Its indisputable strong point is duration of its action. Let’s find out more information of it. Is it as good as they say compared to the other legendary blue tabs? Do you understand what we are about? Of course! We are going to consider Viagra vs Cialis and decide the winner. There is another efficient and popular remedy Levitra which could be compared to Cialis also. But that will be in its turn, not now. Ok. Let’s start and see what the result will be!

About Cialis

Cialis is not by that much time proved as Viagra is. It appears only about 15 years ago, though this period is quite enough to understand that this remedy is helpful, has little side effects and can be used by most men. It is approved by the FDA in 2003. So you can be sure that it is official and safe. Moreover it was discovered that it treats benign prostatic hyperplasia a side from impotence. It means that you can take it if you have sexual disorder and the problems with prostate or only one of these deviations. In 2011 it has been approved officially as the treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia.

The active ingredient of this medication is Tadalafil Citrate, which is also used when a wide range of generic medications different from Cialis are produced. Tadalafil is created by GlaxoSmithKlein, but this company is not a developer of Cialis. It uses it as component for Levitra – its brand ED remedy. Cialis is developed, produced and marketed by Lilly ICOS. Its generic variants are manufactured by several small firms all over the world. You can hear such names as Cipla Limited, Ajanta Pharma LTD, Ochoa Laboratories among them.

The action principle

It is easy to understand the way Cialis acts if you understand the natural mechanisms of erection. As far as you know the sexual stimulation makes blood circulation more active causing the strong flow of blood in pelvic area and penis. The blood makes the penis harder and the erection occurs. If we speak about details, we should start with nerve signals, which brain sends to the muscles when a man is aroused due to sexual stimulation. The nerve endings release nitric oxide, which stimulates the production of Cyclic guanosine monophosphate in its turn. The latter agent is also called cGMP and it makes the muscles insides of blood vessels to relax. As a result blood has more free space, passes the vessels without any barriers entering the penis and making it hard. The quantity of cGMP can be decreased by PDE5 – the substance, which amount is excessive in the organism of most men suffering from ED. That is why they cannot reach erection even after proper sexual stimulation. Do you see? The muscles do not receive the needed signals sent by nitric oxide which is blocked by PDE5. That exactly problem is solved by Tadalafil. It makes PDE5 less powerful allowing cGMP to fulfill its main function. And everybody is happy. The blood passes vessels quickly and freely and a man has erection and successful sexual intercourse.

So you can take Cialis when it is just needed and have sex during the period of time when Tadalafil is in the blood having control over the amounts of PDE5. And you can buy Cialis developed specially for daily use and keep the needed level of PDE5 at all times, and that offers ability to have healthy sex at any time you want while you administer the pills.

Can we speak about safety when Cialis is taken?

You should understand that all medications interfering in human body impacts its systems and can cause particular side effects. So Cialis is of no exception. Before choosing it as ED treatment, a man should make sure that there are no contraindications for him. Here we are going to mention some adverse effects but in general Cialis is safe and highly recommended. Among the restrictions there are some health conditions, that is why you should consult with a doctor and discuss if it is a good decision to administer Cialis. It goes without saying that overdose is not allowed as well as breaking any other requirements of the manufacturer if you do not want to face the unpleasant reaction of your organism. Though even following the instruction there is a risk to face some really mild side effects, which even can be combined with proper sexual intercourse. We’ll regard them a little bit later.

First of all you should know that you hardly can use Cialis if there are some heart problems and if you cure some other disease with nitrate medications. The retinitis pigmentosa, deformation of the penis, hard liver or kidney problems are also among contraindications. At the same time health problems, which are not mentioned in the list of contraindications, cannot make you to refuse Cialis.

Compare Viagra and Cialis

Now you know the key information about Cialis and have all necessary arguments to make the right conclusion: “what is better for you Cialis or Viagra?” Recently Viagra has been beyond competition. This is the first ED medication and undoubtedly it is worth to be mentioned as the best and safest one. Is it as good now when other remedies have been developed? What is more efficient Cialis or Viagra? Which one of them has fewer side effects? Let’s see.

Still without any doubt Viagra remains bestselling and its sales make about 50% of the market. While Cialis is running second, but we should understand that Cialis is younger. Most patients choose Viagra because it is well-known and not due to its better performances. We can say that Cialis catching up quickly. And the third place is taken by Levitra.

Though Viagra and Cialis have the different main ingredient they are both PDE5 inhibitors. Moreover they both should be prescribed by the doctor due to a list of restrictions connecting with its intake. That is true for the USA and Australia. In other countries you can buy them without prescription at any pharmacy including online drugstores. It is convenient as far as you do not need to show any papers but at the same time it requires more responsibility from a patient.

But here the common features are over. These two medications work in different way. And that is the reason why Cialis is becoming more popular. This is obvious! The duration of effect of Cialis makes 36 hours while Viagra acts only for 6 hours after the moment the pill is taken. In addition, Viagra is intended only when the sexual intercourse is planned but there are two versions of Cialis: one of them is also taken just before the event and the other one is meant for daily use. The latter one is less concentrated by it allows being ready for sexual adventure at any time when it happens instead of just during 2 days after intake of a tab. Remember that Viagra is not taken regularly.

As you see these two leaders of ED medication market do not differ too much especially when we consider their action principle but the duration of action and the time it takes them to act are not the same. Now there is a plus in favor of Viagra. Perhaps that advantage is not so serious but still there is one. Viagra should be taken just 30 minutes before the sexual intercourse while Cialis is expected to be administered 45 minutes before the event. Of course those 15 minutes are not so import especially if you compare the duration.

Side effects of Viagra and Cialis

Now it is the right time to discuss side effects. We should confess that Cialis is considered the safest medication for today especially if it is compared to Viagra. Of course it has some side effects, and there are serious ones among them but still Viagra has more. Viagra users can get heart attack or stroke, arrhythmia, severe hypotension. They can lose hearing and/or vision suddenly and can suffer from priapism. While Cialis users should beware of sudden hearing and/or vision lost and priapism. And the statistics proves that the risks are very low.

Here we should say that all ED treatment is connected with probable indigestion, headaches, nasal congestion, and dizziness. The difference is that some pills cause the above deviations more often and the others do it rather seldom. So Viagra can make you suffering from those health conditions much more often compared to Cialis. Only approximately 10% of Cialis users inform of such problems.

In fairness it must be said that, Cialis has one side effect that is not proved with Viagra. They say that about 5% of Cialis users suffer from muscle and back pains. It can be mild or a little bit stronger and a man starts feeling this pain about 12 hours after he swallows the tab. The thing is unpleasant because this health condition lasts during about 2 days. Most patients tolerate this pain easily and do not refuse sexual experience because of it. But in general any lasting pain appearing after taking Cialis should be a reason for turning to a doctor. But first of all one should stop taking Cialis.

Now about interactions

It is very important to remember that almost all ED remedies should not be mixed with any medications consisting nitrates. That is true for both Viagra and Cialis, because such interaction can lead to problems with heart, a drop of blood pressure, and as a result a patient can faint and even die. Another very important thing is taking only one ED medication. Do not combine Viagra and Cialis because this will be regarded as overdose and causes severe side effects like dizziness and nausea, indigestion, headache, priapism and severe hypotension.

We are going to surprise you but when you use Viagra or Cialis you should not eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice. It can sound weirdly but that is an official contraindication. The point is that the grapefruit has certain compounds which are able to prevent the body of a patient to absorb Sildenafil and Tadalafil in the proper way. The reaction happens much faster than it is expected and sometimes it even can be considered as an overdose even if a man takes pills following the scheme mentioned in instructions.

Finally, we should remind you that almost any medication are not good with alcohol and Cialis and Viagra are also not to be taken when drinking spirits, which decrease blood pressure and ED meds influence in the same manner.

Some words should be said as to fatty food. Those who take Viagra are recommended to refuse fat when they take ED pills in order not to worsen the digestion of Sildenafil. If he does eat fatty meal at the same time with Viagra, there is a risk that he will not get the expected reaction when he is promised to get it as far as more time is needed under such conditions. Though, Cialis can be combined with any food except grapefruit. The fat does not impact the performance of Cialis actions.

So, what should you choose: Viagra or Cialis?

If you have read the above text carefully, you can easily make conclusion that Cialis has more advantages compared to Viagra. Let’s remember: there are fewer side effects, it can be taken together with more other medications, the duration of treatment is much longer and there is a daily version. What can be considered as “cons”? Its price is higher but the difference is not so much. We can say that this medication is a leader nowadays. Though just like Viagra it has an efficiency rate of a little more than 90%. It means that the manufacture does not guarantee that 100% of patients will get the expected result. This unhappy chance to fail with erection even after intake of Cialis exists unfortunately. But do not abandon hope and try other medications, consult with your doctor and you will certainly be able to get the positive result. At the same time you can start changing your life style and treat the disease that can be a real cause for impotence and have a good sexual experience taking your perfect ED med.

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Reviewed: Dr. Graham Neilsen
Updated: 27 Feb 2021